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Just cowboys…?

May 22 2014

Sometimes we meet people on board of ships who pretend to be the king of the world; they start shouting if things are different than their mindset and always trying to convince others of their expertise. Bragging about their many load-outs and the importance of their expertise is mostly dripping of their business cards.I want this, I want that… But why? Because they say so. When these people meet someone who really knows what he’s doing, they suddenly feel intimidated....

Engineering for free or free engineering?

Apr 01 2014

When a cargo owner wants to ship a cargo, directly or via a broker, they create a wish list, mostly a mile long. Stowage plans, lifting plans, lashing & securing plans, method statement, FE analyses, motion analyses, etc. like ticking of a list. The shipping line did not get the order, but in the process they find out that the same job is offered to a competitive company. Not just one company, but sometimes to 8 or 9 different ones....