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Do you have the courage to learn?

Jun 26 2015

From time to time I’m reading interesting articles on LinkedIn or in news magazines related to our inspiring niche market of Heavy Lift & Project Cargo. As in most other markets the majority of the articles that I read are about how great it is to work on successful projects and how awesome people and companies are with offering their services and products. Very very often you’ll read an article about something that went wrong and if you’ll find one...

Does the lack of expertise retain you from discovering new markets?

Dec 18 2014

Does the lack of expertise retain you from discovering new markets? Risk should not paralyze the zeal and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs or involved employees. They must be willing to take moderate risks when they believe there is a strong likelihood that they will succeed. For the entrepreneur, the brighter side of risk-taking is the possibility of success and increasing their wealth. Most dreams cannot come true unless some risks are taken. Especially in the insurance market, it’s very important to...

Scared to take responsibility

Jun 05 2014

During load-outs, we meet many people. People from the office, owners, surveyors and supercargoes. All these people have different opinions and criticizing the people in charge. All natural things in common life. Among them we have cargo superintendents and surveyors who make it their living to check work done by other people. Some of them really do understand their job and find solutions in a very easy way. Why? Because they understand what they are doing, are getting along very...