Generalist, specialist or specialized in everything.

Generalist, specialist or specialized in everything.

Apr 07 2015

generalistIn May 2015 the annual Breakbulk expo in Antwerp will take place.

When strolling around, sometimes you see a sign which states that a certain company is the best one could ever wish for.  Specialized in heavy-lift, specialized in project cargo, specialized in offshore, specialized in oil & gas, specialized in road transport, etc.

When you take a closer look at these companies and take effort to contact them for specific information, mostly they can’t provide it. Suddenly, the right person is not in the house or maybe there was a slight hick-up in the assumption we made.

When you look at the banners, booth and nice flyers in the first place, it is quite difficult to find out if they handle the larger projects themselves or that they are just a little wheel in the complex gearbox. On its own, this is not a bad thing of course. Many companies have limited track record for all the achievements they made and the point is to find the right one. Everybody has to learn it somewhere.

Next month, when you visit the expo in Antwerp, just ask yourself the question: am I talking to the generalist who is good in everything, or the specialist who is very good, but in limited things?

 Are you a generalist or a specialist?

Our company would say, we are not a generalist. Our scope is not bulk cargo, liquids, fruit or steel.  We are specialized in the heavy-lift & project cargo, but in our specialty as heavy-lift & project cargo are we a generalist in the work we do.

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