Do you have the courage to learn?

Do you have the courage to learn?

Jun 26 2015

img_blog_courage_260615From time to time I’m reading interesting articles on LinkedIn or in news magazines related to our inspiring niche market of Heavy Lift & Project Cargo. As in most other markets the majority of the articles that I read are about how great it is to work on successful projects and how awesome people and companies are with offering their services and products.

Very very often you’ll read an article about something that went wrong and if you’ll find one it is usually hidden in a small corner or somewhere at the end of the page.  The writer of an article about a project that didn’t succeed is usually a journalist, but never written or shared by the company that made the mistake.

Take for example the accident with Jumbo’s Challenger in the Port of Los Angeles in February 2007. Jumbo’s client BP didn’t write about this accident in media, because they were not responsible for the transport of this project and of course they didn’t want any negative publicity with their name in it. The freight forwarder or surveyor didn’t published it online or in any market magazine either.

Now I do understand that it is always a long lasting legal procedure and that it is very difficult to say anything about a case when it is not clear who is responsible. But, shouldn’t it be better for everybody in the market if someone should have the courage to publish a failure project and prevent others from making the same mistake? Going back to the 638 metric ton petroleum reactor destined for BP’s Oil Refinery, wouldn’t it be helpful for everybody, when all the legal procedures are over, that the ones who are responsible for this mistake will have the courage to share this, just as proudly as they should with a successful project? Only to show the market that they have learned from their mistake.

Would you have the courage to do business with a company that proudly presents their lessons? 


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Meyer Eng
October 19, 2015

Thanks for posting this. Your blog is very informative.Thanks for distributing.

June 26, 2015

I could not agree with you more. It takes courage to publish the mistakes that were made, but despite the negative impact of any accident, it would show the tight company attitude by publishing what went wrong and what measures the company has taken to prevent it from happening again. That is the only way if we want to make progress in safety. Take an example to the airline industry where air crashes are investigated in detail and published. Even by means of a detailed documentary on national geographic. That is why the airline industry is the safest transport industry in the world