“Can it be slightly more?”

“Can it be slightly more?”

Mar 24 2014


If you go to the shops to buy your groceries, often the question is asked “Can it be slightly more?”

As often the client agrees on this, but it is hard to see how much more it will be at the end. In lashing & securing of cargo on a ship, very often more lashing will be applied then necessary.

For the insurance surveyor this will be very good but for the one who has to pay for all the additional lashing & securing most probably not. In times like these it is a fact that every penny counts.

“Can it be slightly more for you?”

It is very often the lack of knowledge which creates the additional expenses in lashing & securing. To apply an additional chain or bracket/stopper will never be a problem to keep all parties happy. But if the request exceeds the common sense it is often this knowledge which can cost a lot of money.

People will look at the additional D-ring, chain or bracket, but the ‘hidden’ expenses like, lay time of a ship, damage to deck-panels and the welding company is often lost in focus.

“Do you know how much lashing & securing is sufficient?”

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