Agreed Safety Percentage

Agreed Safety Percentage

Jan 29 2015

agreedDuring our daily load-outs, we meet many different parties; shipping lines, supercargoes, surveyors, clients and insurance companies. All those parties have their own way of thinking, which is good of course. When a load- out occurs under ‘class’ regulations, another party will join the discussion.

Having an opinion is very good, because communication should always be open and in the end and opinions should lead to results. A result of how the load-out should occur, under which restrictions, rules and regulations. Further, how the cargo will be loaded, applied safety factors for lifting and of course for the lashing and securing.

Especially for lashing & securing, there should be an agreement between the parties, which I would like to call the ASP, the “Agreed Safety Percentage”.

If this ASP will be agreed by all involved parties, there will be less discussion. When the ASP is agreed upon, the lashing & securing could be easily carried out.

By working this way, the shipping line can calculate the costs for L&S quite easily. Anyone who wants more L&S than the agreed ASP, should pay for it himself.

Can you see the pro’s and con’s in your line of work?
What would be an ASP for your company?

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