About us

About us

The Maritime Transport Engineering is a blog written and hosted by Global Cargo Care. We are a maritime engineering, supercargo and survey company with decades of experience in the shipping industry. We are operating either independently or as a customer service representative with the highest level of marine services.

This blog is intended for ship owners, charterers, shippers, insurance companies and all other professionals in the maritime transport industry, such as cargo superintendents, surveyors and consultants. With this blog we want to keep you informed about the latest technology and developments, but also discuss with you about issues we are facing in the international shipping industry, such as the lack of knowledge in the heavy-lift and cargo industry. We encourage you to share your opinion with us. In this way we can support each other as professionals, but also strengthen our knowledge and keep each other focussed.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let us know. We welcome your feedback.


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