Agreed Safety Percentage

Jan 29 2015

During our daily load-outs, we meet many different parties; shipping lines, supercargoes, surveyors, clients and insurance companies. All those parties have their own way of thinking, which is good of course. When a load- out occurs under ‘class’ regulations, another party will join the discussion. Having an opinion is very good, because communication should always be open and in the end and opinions should lead to results. A result of how the load-out should occur, under which restrictions, rules and...

Professional or substitute?

Jan 06 2015

Do you hire the Heavy-lift professional or his bulk experienced substitute? When sending people to the other end of the world for a supercargo or a survey job, the travelling costs are most of the time an issue for the client. Understandable. These days we have to look at every penny, dollar or euro in order to make some profit. Some clients start looking for locals abroad who can attend their load-outs and focus only on the expenses, instead of the quality...