The Expert

Apr 29 2014

When looking at the comedy sketch of The Expert, I learned that many companies have the same issue; people talk about so many things like they know it all. However, when a decision needs to be made, they all look at the expert. But when he gives his comments, they look at him as if he’s from a different planet. When a project would be discussed by only experts instead of managers, the merely part of the problems would be solved...

Engineering for free or free engineering?

Apr 01 2014

When a cargo owner wants to ship a cargo, directly or via a broker, they create a wish list, mostly a mile long. Stowage plans, lifting plans, lashing & securing plans, method statement, FE analyses, motion analyses, etc. like ticking of a list. The shipping line did not get the order, but in the process they find out that the same job is offered to a competitive company. Not just one company, but sometimes to 8 or 9 different ones....